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power on/off not synched with ignition *anymore* - nibutch - 01-08-2023

Hi everyone,

I installed my JY-VQ130N4GN in a VW T5.2 from 2011 yesterday and the head unit does not turn on/off with the ignition *anymore*.
I used the installation with the canbus decoder, took 12v, gnd, and reverse signal for my reversing camera.
While testing, everything went smootly, totally synched with ignition, camera worked perfectly. After disconnecting the battery again and completing the installation, the head unit does not get triggered by the ignition anymore and doesnt turn off. I measured all connections, which are fine for the 12v port and ACC port, that's why I think there's something wrong with the canbus decoder.

Anything I can do to "reset" the decoder or any insights to this problem? It might be that the canbus decoder got power on "ACC" but not on "12V" during installation, can that be an issue?

Thank you for your help!