JY-UQS10N4G-GT with honda civic 2016 clock stuck
I bought a JY-UQS10N4G-GT and the civic 2016 harness with canbus that comes with G-HD-RZ-63 for canbus and G-HD-RZ-64 for spdif audio to amplifier

Steering well controls works great (clever way to position the home button at the side camera button since i never use it)
Original audio amplifier retained (great control of the amplifier via original car info)
Air Conditioner information showing properly
Detect backup signal from canbus perfectly
Almost everything so far working great.

1 bug (the clock keep stuck at 12:00)
it get start to count 12:01 and then comes back to 12:00

I already try to fix changing time settings like time region and everything but no luck

At this firmware version
MCU upgrade
Build number

Please help