Advice Needed for Headunit Upgrade
Hi all,
I'm going to upgrade the stereo in my car with Joying 7inch double din unit. The car that I have just bough already has a unit in it which doesn't fit as it is too big. When I took it out, there were more cables and connectors than I was expecting. It has a canbus box and then the original harness connector which has a brown cable removed from it and tapped up with foam. I don't know if I will need to re-connect this when I install the new Joying unit or if I can leave it as it is. Will the Joying unit still work? I'm attaching some pictures. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
If its already got an aftermarket HU, and it's working then probably not, most HU use the same wiring configuration its just the plugs and wire colours that will be different between cars, you really need a wiring diagram for your car.