Joying stereo setting user manual
Joying stereo setting user manual

1.If you want to watch the video during your driving, you can turn on or off below options:
[Image: brake.png]

2.If your reversing imagine is opposite, you can turn on below option:
[Image: mirror%20view.png]

3.When you reverse the car but still want to listen to the music, you can turn off this option.
You can also adjust the reverse volume level.
[Image: mute sound.png]
[Image: mute.png]

4.You hope that the screen light can be weak at night. you can connect the ILLUM (orange+white) with your car head light wire.
 After you connect above the wiring, please choose the "small light control".
[Image: backlight.png]

5. You want the music/radio can play with Navi together, please choose the "GPS Mix".
The Max volume also can be set.
[Image: GPS%20mix.png]

6. You need to set the Navi as the default GPS app and control the app by SWC, you can choose below option for setting the Navi app:
[Image: Navi%20APP.png]

7. Your car is right or left drive, you can choose the drivers'door position.
[Image: car%20door.png]

8. You want the stereo volume is the same what you set before, you can adjust the volume on below option:
[Image: default%20volume.png]

Any more confusion, please contact or