JOYING 10.1'' 4GB RAM Octa 8 Core Android 8.0 TOUCHSCREEN & WIFI Problems
(10-18-2019, 02:48 PM)CHEVY14 Wrote:  Hello,

1 year ago I buyed on ALIEXPRESS a JOYING 10.1'' 4GB RAM Octa 8 Core Android 8.0

Sorry I dont' know # ref model but herewith menu info :

[Image: 2b5120c88920061768b2eb2b6ee59477.jpg] [Image: 8ac5662cb7806557d4fde4b3577ac9c8.jpg] [Image: 8149bf32ac11248ffbc899d2b99915a6.jpg]

From the beginning I'm confronted at least once a day from touch screen blocked problem.
Only solution : make reset
It works fine but... it's tiring because frequently and especially necessary to re adjust fader each time...

But since ~2 months other really big big problem appear :
At least 3 times a week my wifi access point (Iphone SE) isn't validated !
It finded, tryied connected but can't... re-tryied but always can't... etc...
After make Reset nothing change : same problem
Only long long wait time with radio off can resolve problem.  Huh
Really problematic...

How solve problems ? If anybody have an idea...
May be new firmware exist for my JOYING RADIO ??

Regards Wink

Please try to factory reset the head unit and then update the head unit system with this file:

Following are the notes for the system update:
1) You need to unzip the updated files on the Windows system. and then copy all the unzipped files (not the folder ) to the USB, which is formatted as FAT32.
and then insert it into the USB port which on the back of the head unit, it will be updated automatically.

2) Please do not unzip the files on the USB.

3) You better use the 32GB or less than 32GB USB.

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