Steering wheel can adapter connection
Hello forum,

i have the 10.25 single din and like to control the volume and others.
With can bus adapter for my Benz (worked on an other radio) it is not working.

There are key1 and key2 cables from joying unit, i connected to the can adapter.

What about the plugs: "can in", "can out" and "key"? How have they to be connected?

Are there some other adjustments in the software, to get it to work?
I tried to learn in settings, but no recognizing. Service area, no. Changed the type of car in service area, no result..

The can bus adapter provides a resistance. It is about 10kohm with no pressed steering button.
When pressing, it gives a short other resistance impulse.
Short impulse: to adjust the volume for example, you have to press the steering butten once ore often, but not hold. If you hold, only one impulse comes out.
May be, these impulses are to short for the joying to recognize?

Please help, because there are no other buttons, exept volume in the display...


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