Universal Joying-Device for Jeep Wrangler JK

I´m a member of a Jeep community in Germany. A lot of Wrangler owner are interested in alternative HeadUnits instead of the Jeep UConnect-System. We created a subgroup with JK-owner to check the market. In the first step we will proof your Joying systems because your are offering the 7" system, the 10.1" system and different systems with 8" and 9" displays.

I´m owning a Jeep Wrangler JK from 2017 with the premium Alpine soundsystem with amplifier. I prefer one of the universal 1 DIN devices with 8" or 9" Display ...

What is the difference between universal devices and the Wrangler JK-devices? Is the difference it only how to install it into the dashboard? Or are more differences by the technical specs? I know that I have to have the special powercable and canbus-adapter for Jeep Wrangler ...

Does your HeadUnit have the full functionality for that Alpine soundsystem?

What is the difference between 1 DIN- and 2 DIN-devices? Only the size?

Is it possible to order a universal device complete for Wrangler?

1.Joying head units can't support like below: iPod, original car GPS antenna, original car back up rear camera, original car bluetooth,original car USB and original car Microphone.

What does that mean? I have ready for installation 2 external atenna: 1 for G4 (LTE) and another 1 for GSM, Radio, GPS ... are your units not working with those external antenna? I can´t believe that!

What is about carplay for Android-Smartphone: When I connect the smartphone via USB-cable with the Joying-device for the phonefunction etc. > does the communication also need bluetooth? My hope is to have a communication without Bluetooth ...

Cheers Chris

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