audio issues - loud volume / hissing / static issues

I recently ordered a head unit for my Honda CRV-2012 (yesterday). I installed it and thing seem ok ! I had the model that has an external subwoofer, but not a navigation system.

1)  I noticed that the base volume is very loud when enabling the AMP. Is there anything to tone down the base volume ? I basically need to keep it on volume setting 1-2. I tried playing with the equalizer a bit, but I’m hoping that there is a gain setting somewhere. I had to turn on the amp option from settings to get any kind of audio.

2) There is some static / background noise all the time in the speaker (sound like mild interference). Do you have any suggestions ?

3) The white / red audio cables that come with the harness - do I need to plug them into the output of the head unit ? I did not, and I still get sound. It is a bit confusing. I also tried plugging them in - it does not make any difference.

4) I tried taking the side mounting helper bracket from the original car stereo to install them onto this unit, but they do not align properly.. how do you suggest fixing it ? The unit currently only holds onto the 4 clips that mount to the screen, but I would have liked to have the additional brackets.

I tried going in factory settings and changing the mixing level for different sources.. bringing down from 5 to 1..
Any help is appreciated, since this issue is annoying enough to return the unit, if I cannot find a workaround.

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audio issues - loud volume / hissing / static issues - cooperz - 07-18-2020, 03:08 AM