Constant loop after booting Joying Head Unit

I noticed a strange behaviour of my Joying Unit and it happened several times now: After booting, the panel on the top appears and disappears constantly. It's impossible to use the Unit in this state.

The Unit is a JY-UQS04N4G-B. Here is a video of the Issue:

Sometimes this disappears after switching on and off the Unit several times, or doing a reboot by pressing the reset button. This procedure is needed several times before the Unit starts again without any Issues.

But in most cases I can only get rid of it by installing the latest firmware again. I use the latest firmware I could find, 2021.3.29. I had to do a reset by firmware for the third time since I got the Unit, and it starts to annoy me. Do you have any advice on how to find out what causes this issue? I always have to reinstall my apps after this firmware reset, and I want to avoid that. Looks to me like this issue has something to do with the Software, because I really like the Unit otherwise, it's much more reliable and of better quality than any other Unit I had so far.

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Constant loop after booting Joying Head Unit - wustrusa - 09-13-2022, 07:01 PM