Newer versions of the joying head unit should include
(03-10-2023, 06:27 AM)admin Wrote:  
(03-09-2023, 11:05 PM)kodiak211 Wrote:  Things we should see in a future iteration of a Joying head unit.

 1) USB 3.0+ either through USB A, or USB C, accessible from the front.

 2) A way to turn on dark/night mode/day mode, through the software. Either manually, or auto on car link app. (For Android Auto and CarPlay)

 3) Allow for the car link app to be updated OTA.

 4) Angle the display connector/port 90 degrees/flat against back of display, so that it's not protruding outward. Add some depth around it for protection

 5) Physical volume rocker top left corner, and a play pause button left side top corner. Or top middle for all 3 buttons. (Similar to a tablet)

 6) Display better in sun light, and dimmer at night. (Anti-glare or brighter display)

 7) Have a variety of mounting options that can be purchased separately.

Really thanks for your suggestrion.

No problem. USB 3.0+ accessible from the front and a way to control night/day mode through the Car Link app, is definitely needed.

USB 3.0 will help reduce the number of random disconnects. Making it accessible from the front will also help reduce the length of the USB charger cable, that will also reduce the number of random disconnects.

Being that the head unit can't communicate with the car to turn on night mode at night. The only other option is through the car link app. This could be updated in current head units. This one I really want and need. lol

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