JY-TZ168N4 Unit Questions for new user / owner
Model JY-TZ168N4 in Toyota FJ Cruiser

1. How can get rid of the "return to bluetooth" blue banner at the top of the screen if you are on any other screen than the phone screen? It covers up the name or number of who's calling me and I may or may not want to answer.

2. Why does my phone app not recognize any contacts when they call me? It only shows their phone number.

3. Call quality is terrible for people on the other end. I have adjusted the mic settings in both directions and doesn't seem to change much.

4. I can't use my screen mirror function. When I scan the QR code it say the program was designed for an older version and will not finish the process?

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JY-TZ168N4 Unit Questions for new user / owner - Chase1024 - 11-17-2023, 11:49 PM