Top of Touchscreen not working
The top of my touch screen became unresponsive.
I can do the touch calibration but after that the top part still wont work.
When I press the back button it does nothing and I cant slide the menu down to restart or dim backlight.

My unit worked great until yesterday.

Its the JY-UM135N2
Very weird. I can calibrate the screen and it see's my touch at the very top but once I leave that page the top 10% wont work.
It only works on the calibration page.
Why would that be?
Team Joying how much is this part?

[Image: ZXjSu2v.jpg]
(10-09-2018, 10:12 PM)Cartel Wrote:  Team Joying how much is this part?

[Image: ZXjSu2v.jpg]

we think that you need to exchange the front-board .
please contact our email we will email you details on the payment .