Radio has sound but nothing else.
Bought this unit to upgrade my Joying Sofia unit. I immediately install Spotify as I use my Sofia Joying primarily for Spotify, I set my settings to very high quality, download every play list I have and I love these units for that.
Upon logging in to Spotify, I went to my favorite play list while connected to my garage WiFi and played a track. hmm, no sound. Checked the APP volume, it is good. Noticed the progress was moving forward so I know the track was playing. I pressed pause and then play and got some really bad static noise then the volume came through but no subwoofer. I have external amps and the fronts and rears played horribly but no sub.
I then went to the radio and tuned in a station and played. There was my sub playing just fine. So I decided to uninstall Spotify and re-install. Same outcome. I then reset the unit and same outcome. I then decided to try my old harness from my Joying Sofia unit and same outcome.
I am returning for this will not work for me. I will edit once I receive the replacement unit and let everyone know. But this is not a good start. I have had my Joying Sofia for about a year without a single issue.

I am pretty sure this will be my last Joying unit. Support has lacked, the quality is not as good and I am just disappointed in Joying. Where is Rambo?
SO this is the support Joying gives us on their forums? About as good as you get via email.

UPDATE: My joying 8 core PX5 unit will be making its way back to Joying and I will be going with a Seicane unit with Cortex Processor. I have been telling everyone in the Jeep community about these units but I will no longer be doing that. The support here, email and via the phone is the absolute worst I have ever experienced and I am an American that deals with 15 different languages every day.