google assistant says sorry i can't make calls yet
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(03-22-2019, 12:54 PM)Rover Wrote:  My radio is JY-UO135N4G.
Can I send voice commands to via google assistant to make calls?
When I try Google assistant says "sorry i can't make calls yet"

You need to install "Google voice assistant" APK on your head unit.
Then you can use then you can use the "OK google"

Google assistant has been installed, and it  says "sorry i can't make calls yet"
Now you can invite me to turn on the radio before saying "ok google"

Sorry, "OK Google" can not make a call.
It only can open the maps or others on the Google.
Only android auto or carplay you can make phone call.

with my joying unit ,i can open "waze" with "ok google" !! but not make a call. there is a solution ? why joying tech don't search the solution ?

We have feedback to our engineer. but whether it will be solved and when it will be solved, sorry we are also can not be sure.
It need the feedback from our engineer.
ok i hope you'll find the solution !! Smile Smile
Joying JY-VO132N4GS -> DSP A8 WAVEFLEX -> Amp MCINTOSH MC440M + MC443M