JY-VO130N4G want to delete all contacts from phone
Add me to the list of the frustrated Joying customers that have to deal with the Contacts Issue that JY Head Units have.
I've recently updated firmware and MCU and problem is still there.
It deletes or duplicates part or all of your Google Contacts.
We all (at least I...) expect that Google contacts gets synchronised with local info on the HU, no matter where I add or edit a Contact!

Would you please adhere to the Internet/Android/Google universal logic and just sync contacts??

We all Joying customers that have paid for an Android device expect this behaviour.
hello, what is the solution for the contacts deleted on my phone !! i had all phone number professionnal and i all lost them !!! how can i found them ???? joying support must find a solution !! fast !!!!!!
Joying JY-VO132N4GS -> DSP A8 WAVEFLEX -> Amp MCINTOSH MC440M + MC443M
I created a separate gmail account for the car, and then copied the contacts I needed from my main account. Then disabled contact sync so the Joying stereo does not mess up my iPhone when bluetooth is connected !!
i found the solution. in google contact account, there is a new folder. the trash folder and you can recover your deleted countacts !!!!
Joying JY-VO132N4GS -> DSP A8 WAVEFLEX -> Amp MCINTOSH MC440M + MC443M
Hi, I have a Joying 10.1 inch IPS 1280*720 and exactly the same problem.
On the unit I am using my own Google account to be able to use all my purchased apps. Via BT also my wife is paining her Android phone. On both phones the contact access via BT is activated.
As soon as my wife has been connected and I connect my phone later, all my contacts are lost and I got the contacts from my wife’s account. Same game vice versa. After 2 weeks I hat about 1500 deleted contacts in by Google contacts folder.

PLEASE, PLEASE fix the BT app, otherwise my wife will force my to throw away the Joying head unit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Besides of this I never get the last calls synced from my phone, also this is something quite easy to handle.

If Joing is not able to handle the software, they should just by a working phone app.

Without correct functionality here, the unit is not usable at all.
I'm having the same issue. I have to turn off sync in order to keep my contacts. I know in other applications, like Outlook, there is a "merge" process that takes place. Sometimes that can create duplicate contacts, but it never wipes out one set of contacts for the other. I guess I'm just having trouble understanding the process or reasoning behind having the contact sync function on the head unit force an overwrite of the existing contacts. Your sync process should be a pull process to overwrite the contacts on the device, not the other way around.
I just discovered this problem, and even worse its been around for years, and I'm extremely disappointed to hear from Joying by email today that they consider turning off contact sync to be a proper fix, just fix the problem in the first place!

Every person that buys a Joying head unit and links their Google account is likely to be affected, and still they don't think they have an issue, just fix it properly, maintain a separate contact list for each linked phone, it really can't be that hard (I have done some programming and database work).
This happened to me too after connecting my phone visa Bluetooth.
It just deleted all my Google contacts. Luckily I could recover them by going to Google contacts and restoring all items from the recycle bin.

It seems that when you enable contact sync on the Bluetooth connection options the Joying unit just assumes to be the primary device and seeing as it has no contacts in its memory it deletes the contacts on the mobile phone which is connected presumably as secondary device.

I think if you were to install Google contacts on the joying unit and synchronise by internet connection only. Disable Bluetooth contact sync.
All will work fine.
I totally agree. I am having the same problem. Joying solution is useless. Need to fix the problem.

(10-05-2021, 06:29 AM)krazywicki Wrote:  I totally agree. I am having the same problem. Joying solution is useless. Need to fix the problem.

My contacts just randomly get deleted, and it say in the contacts in trash that they were Deleted on Sprd - ums512_1h10_Natv, which is my Joying Stereo.
I just had this issue today as well. My phone contacts were all gone this morning, so I logged on to my Google account and saw all of my contacts were in the recycle bin. The logs show the error: "android contacts deleted on sprd - ums512_1h10_Natv". When I searched for that message I found this thread!
I do have an Joying head unit (JY-UQS05N4GN), but haven't installed anything or made any changes to it in months. Why has it suddenly deleted all of my account contacts???