Text Notification and Voice Response
I have a Joying Head unit and would like to receive/push text message notifications through the head unit, with the ability to hear and respond by voice.
Some other autos are able to do this with their OEM systems.
Is there an app that will be able to do this with the Joying head unit?

I do not wish to use Android Auto since I do not wish to tether every time I get into the car.  So this is not an option.
Ideally I would like to do this through Bluetooth only, but do not have an issue with using the phone's hotpot capability.
I've tried Google Messages and when synced I can receive messages on the head unit but the app has to be open, I do not receive notifications, the writing is too small to read, and it does not have the ability to read aloud the message.

Are there any other options?