Poll: Do owner's want these options?
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We want options poll!
How many people want Joying to give our units new firmware that.....

Give us fully functional Bluetooth
Ability to change BT call ringtones
Ability to change to a custom boot animation
Option to completely power down instead of Sleep/Doze mode
Option to disable permanent clock on right side of screen for those of us with the new user interface
Ability to choose what apps we want to have start when unit starts up or wakes from sleep mode
Option to change launcher from new UI or ability to add panels and widgets to it

These things are all completely reasonable, Joying, and would have the benefit of making existing customers very happy and recommend your products to others as opposed to what we are doing which is telling people to look for another brand.

Owners of Joying head units please reply with Yes/No as to whether you want these options!
yes !!!!!!!! very goog idea !!!
Joying JY-VO132N4GS -> DSP A8 WAVEFLEX -> Amp MCINTOSH MC440M + MC443M
I agree with you on all accounts, might be better served to post this on their Facebook page does not seem to get a lot of traffic on here