WiFi Stopped Working

I have a model - JY-UM128P2

The unit just stopped connecting to my wifi out of the clear blue. It was working last week perfectly. Now the wifi Icon at the top of the main screen wont even show and i wont allow me to click the wifi button in settings. Do i need to upgrade the firmware? if so please send me a link to it.

I have incuded pics of my unit:

[Image: image0.jpg]
[Image: image1.jpg]
[Image: image2.jpg]
Has anyone experienced this wifi issue...
Ok, I tried trouble shooting this problem myself since I’m getting no help here..

I reloaded the firmware with hopes that it would correct the problem. Firm ware reload was a no go. But it did point me to a possible diagnosis.

When I reloaded the firmware I had to calibrate the screen at initial boot up. My unit had difficulty registering touch on the screen. Finally got it to calibrate and found that the unit won’t allow access to the WiFi controls or factory / user settings. I have the code but when you press the button the screen won’t register on these areas.

All other buttons are working. It seems the unit won’t allow access to WiFi / user / factory settings.

Can you give me come guidance on why my unit is not able to access the WiFi controls or factory settings. Could this be a hardware issue or software problem.