audio issues - loud volume / hissing / static issues
I had a similar issue with a completely different model car.  There was a noticeable whine from the RCA outputs.  As far as I could make out, it was either a form of ground loop or some kind of amplification of noise picked up by the RCA cables.

I tried wiring the head unit to the same power connectors/source and grounding as the amp, but that didn't help much.  And I know it's not the amp because when I removed the source connections, there's was no sound from the amp/speakers. I also tried several sets of RCA cables and ground loop isolators and they reduced the noise but didn't eliminate it.

So rather than carry on pissing about with the RCA connections, I've switched from RCAs to digital optical out (Toslink) in conjunction with a USB powered DAC.  The optical signal decouples the head unit from any conductive audio connections with the amp/sub set-up I'm using, and it's pretty much sufficient isolation to remove the noise the RCAs might have be introducing.  

The last step for me will be to rewire the grounds directly back to the battery; the live is direct and I want the ground to be direct, too. But in practical terms, I think I've got it as good as it's going to get.

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