No RST Button
I just got a JY-HQ153N4G for my wife's 2013 Honda CRV as an anniversary gift. Out of the box the touch screen does not work. On the front of the radio module is a sticker saying to push RST button with toothpick. I tried that but there is no button to push in the RST hole.
I contacted support but so far all they have done is told me to hold the RST button longer, try power cycling the radio, and use it with a mouse. Already tried power cycling many times. I can't hold the RST button longer if there physically is no button. And while it does work with a mouse that is not a feasible solution for a car radio.
I looked inside the radio with my inspection camera and there is no button soldered to the circuit board where it says RST. Just two empty holes in board where a component would go. Has anyone ran into this before? I needed this working by next week but I guess that is not going to happen. Just ordered a name brand radio online, hopefully I can get my money back on this one.
Take the face off and look at the front of the unit. There is a small pin hole towards the bottom. Use a needle or thumb tack to press the internal button. Took me a while to find mine as well.