OBD questions and recomendations

I have read that the Joying head units only support ELM327. This has been ok and been working ok but the ones it support are simply too slow eg if use for Boost and fuel calculations.
Also the head unit does not have an accelerometer built-in which my other head units do so some of the functions do not work such as HP calculations. Geforces etc. This is kinda important for some users especially if take the car on the race track. The joying units are great as in their quality, are fast and can easily handle this kind of data, but are limited due to not having these sensors and limited to only ELM327 that detects as OBDII

Its disappointing being stuck to only be able to use Elm327 and Torque.
I have other bluetooth devices such as Vgate, PLX Kiwi that has built in sensors. I can connect to them using a Bluetooth app but won't find in Torque.
I also have bluetooth dongles that display specific non OBD vehicle specific data which would be handy.

It would also be great if could use Dashcomand which I do in my other car on another android head unit and have been using due to the much more accurate data and easier to read display. On the joying it simply cant find the Elm device.

It would be great if this could be fixed as im sure if did you would have a lot more sales especially for owners who buy these android head units for this exact reason. Being stuck to ELM and not being able to use the better Torque and Dashcommand devices with faster connection isnt that great when I know that the head unit can in fact connect but for some reason the apps are blocked from seeing the devices.

I am wondering if the Joying head units can support Android USB OBDII adapters such as the PLX.