JY-UQS11N8G-H-EU - install/wiring issues - FIXED
Hello gang

I'm trying to install an 11.6in unit into a Smart EQ.  Really shouldn't be that hard, but in typical Smart fashion, none of the wiring colours correspond with anything much - and there are next to no resources available online that describe the pinouts of the factory unit.  Consequently it's very hard to work out what wires do what.

In a bid to keep things as simple as I possibly can, I'm only going to reuse power, ground and one or two other wires - everything else can be dealt with using aftermarket wiring (pre-outs, reverse camera, etc).  I'm also going to avoid anything that goes through the Canbus in the car because decoders are really hard to come by for my model.

The bit I'm struggling with right now is that I can't work out what the minimum wiring I can get away with in order for the head unit to power up.  I've tried it with just 12v permanent live and ground, but I'm getting no life.  I assume there's supposed to be a switched live somewhere, but it's not explained in the wiring diagrams.  It's either that or there's a button somewhere that I've not pressed . . .

So what do I need to make this thing light up, and what are the respective connectors/cables on the head unit labelled as?  

EDIT: I was missing the ACC wire connection. I thought the abbreviation meant accelerator (thinking it might control volume when engine noise increased) when I should have realised it meant accessory. That's the trigger wire to get the system to light up when the ignition is switched on. Once I figured that out and poked the reset switch, everything sorted itself out. Essentially you need three wires - permanent live, ground and accessory (switched live) to get the system to fire up.

While we're on stupid questions, what are the two wires labelled IR for?  I can work out the rest, but those two don't seem to be detailed anywhere.

Thanks in advance.