11.6 unit - independent front/rear EQ settings / amp and sub settings
Hello gang

Couple of questions about the 11.6 unit.

Anyone figured out how to set/modify the rear channel EQs?  I've worked out how to turn on the front/rear separation, and sorting out the fronts is easy enough - that's the view when you're presented with when you switch on the separation - but I can't work out how to view/edit the rear settings.

Edit:  to access the rear settings, swipe the EQ to the left.

And is there a detailed guide somewhere to what each of the bass settings within the EQ do (or the ones in the service menu for that matter)?  There's a setting to do with the 'rear horn'(?) and some 'enhancement' settings, but I'm baffled as to what that all means/what they limit or boost.  

Finally, I'm running an amp and a couple of active subs.  Any suggestions as to what the values on those things should be set to - by that I mean should the gain dials be turned up to the max and the sound be controlled exclusively by the head unit or is it more complicated than that?

Edit:  gain settings can be set to pretty much whatever.  Most of it is adjustable through the head unit.

Hope that all makes sense.