How to Double the Conversion of Collecting Contacts on the Site
We increased the conversion to the collection of contacts by 2 times without attracting new traffic to the site. An increase in the visitor-subscriber conversion rate helped Harman's colleagues get half of the turnover from new users. Achieved results by personalizing pop-up scripts on the site. Harman International Industries is an American company, a world-renowned designer, manufacturer and supplier of consumer, automotive and professional loudspeakers. Produces products under the brands AKG, AMX, Crown, Harman Kardon, Infinity, JBL, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, Martin, Revel, Soundcraft. What did they do?Objective of the projectreceive 2.8% of new contacts from the current database per month without attracting new traffic to the site.

Conducted market research, selected the best pop-up scenarios that could work on the project.We analyzed all the possibilities for increasing the collection of contacts, and came to the conclusion that the Lebanon Phone Number List greatest potential is in the conversion from incoming traffic on the site to collection from pop-ups.We worked out the content and set up pop-ups.Developed a communication map and display logic.We identified the best solutions with the help of tests that we use in our work. results the share of revenue from the email channel increasedincreased revenue from new contacts per monthincreased conversion to collectionmonthly increase the base from the initial How we acted: stages of work Stage 1. We analyzed all the possibilities for increasing the collection of contacts.

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In order to achieve the goal and not attract additional traffic to the site, we decided to double the current conversion rate "site visitor - subscriber". The potential was seen in these areas: — registration through the footer; - registration in a personal account; — the very moment of purchase; — scenarios for displaying pop-ups. The optimization of the first three channels involved the development of site design in terms of user experience design. But at the time of the project, Harman was already developing and implementing a new website for the online store. They took into account recommendations for improving blocks with the collection of contacts. We settled on the last option - working with pop-up scripts.