Why do Joying limit Bluetooth connections?
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Don't see the point in limiting Bluetooth connections for the head units, it's just going to limit and alienate your customers, there are several devices I want to use with my head unit, but they don't communicate because Bluetooth is limited, I have now purchased another android head unit for another car because of this, and to be honest I am now thinking of replacing the joying unit too. Angry
I understand your frustration about the limited Bluetooth connectivity for the head unit. It can be frustrating when you have multiple devices that you want to use with the head unit, but they can’t communicate due to Bluetooth limitations. This limitation can indeed be inconvenient and may alienate customers who need more Bluetooth connectivity. JT Whatsapp
Hi Guys,
Joying may limit Bluetooth connections to ensure stable performance and prevent system overload. Bluetooth connections consume resources and may lead to reduced functionality or connectivity issues if too many devices are connected simultaneously. Limiting connections helps maintain optimal performance and user experience.
It’s frustrating when the Bluetooth connection on the head unit is limited, because it hinders compatibility with devices. This limitation can lead to customer dissatisfaction and may even lead to a search for alternative solutions. Manufacturers should consider expanding Bluetooth capabilities to enhance the user experience and avoid their customers. Open media makes all the difference! Gold Whatsapp
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