I consider to be the two most relevant classifications
HDR Landscape Glamor shine (it's not a typo, it's written like this in the app) In my blog, he has already told you about what content marketing is and the different channels that you can use within your strategy to work on it. But I am dedicated to social networks, so I have created a specific post to talk about content strategy on social networks. This post. How to create your content strategy for social networks step by step? CLICK TO TWEET There are different types of content that you can share on social networks and we are going to see how you should analyze and create your content strategy to choose the most suitable ones for your social profiles.

You may also be interested in: Content marketing: what is it and in which channels can you apply it? Social media audit: how to analyze your social profiles step by step Social Media Manager: what does it do and when do you need one? Post Index [ show ] What is a content plan for social networks? The content plan is a document USA Email List that details what content you are going to share on each of the social networks (and on each channel of those social networks) according to the objective pursued by your social media strategy. This is something that should be included in your social media plan and that will serve as a guide to know what content is interesting to create and where to share it. What types of content can you share on social networks? When defining the types of content, you can find different characteristics on which they focus.

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In this case I am going to focus on what. If we focus on types of content according to their format , we can find: Text. Link. Single image. infographic. Document. Carousel. Short video. Video. Audio. surveys. Interactive content. However, another very common classification is that of content types according to the content itself : tutorials. listings. Tips. Guides. Mini-courses. Informational content. educational content. Tricks. Trends. News. Personal content. Product photo. Frequent questions. Mistakes to avoid. reviews. interviews. Etc. How to create your content plan for social networks? Internal audit of content on social networks Before you start creating your content plan, you should analyze what you are doing now and what results you are getting with your content . This will not only give you information, but also give you a starting point for comparison once your strategy is in place.