ArCamera not staying installed
Qualcomm Snapdragon QCM6125 head unit
My ArCamera application will not stay installed, this is causing problems.
After installing ARCamera.apk the app sees the video signal while open, but doesn’t automatically open upon activating reverse.  (The head unit sees reverse activation for the sound decrease activation, but will not automatically show the camera for reverse.)  After about ten minutes it crashes silently, and then its icon simply disappears from the app drawer, and I must reinstall the app if I want to manually open the camera.  

(As a test I wired the camera to only activate when in reverse. So, It turns on the camera if the app is already opened, but does not automatically open the app from the home screen) This leaves me to believe it's the app and not the reverse line wiring to the solid orange Back wire. The app is not auto-opening. It is activating the cam while the app is opened by reverse.

        on the head unit end:
red connected to 12v accessories source.
Light red is connected to the solid orange back.

         on the camera end:
 red connected to reverse.
 - grounded.

Order Placed: January 24, 2024 order number: 111-2772208-7357049