Zlink / Carplay Sound Delay on Input

Just installed firmware update (https://www.joyingauto.com/blog/category/updated-files-released/) for my 9in Android 12 Snapdragon unit (JY-HZ142N4).
Firmware update was successful without any issue. Vehicle is a 2012 Honda civic.

However when using wired Zlink/Carplay, there is good 1-3 second audio delay when doing any action such as play, pause, next track, previous track. The action itself is instant but sound delay is 2-3 seconds.
This issue does not occur when playing local media or using Bluetooth music directly.

Is this a firmware, zlink and/or setting/config issue?
I'm not sure what caused this delay when the issue was not occurring before.

Just some other general questions:
1) I don't use a reverse camera with the unit, how do I disable the auto camera reverse? Is there a setting or do I have to cut a wire?
2) I want to remap a steering wheel button to an another command, I want the 'Source' button to play/pause instead How do I do that? When I go to the steering/key learn page in settings, i can't do anything.