JY-UQS05N4G-H - SIM card not recognised
Morning all!

I have a JY-UQS05N4G-H which has been a genuinely good unit for me.

Previously, I have added a SIM card and used this for mobile data on the move. I've recently had to change the SIM card and have replaced it with another SIM from the same network - I have activated the new SIM in my phone, tested it, and it works fine.

When placed in the SIM holder in the JY-UQS05N4G-H, the SIM is not recognised and, as far as the unit is concerned, there is no SIM present. Both aerials are fixed to the windscreen and connected correctly.

I've cleaned the contacts in the SIM holder and the SIM is correctly positioned, but the unit still doesn't see it. I've tried a couple of other SIM cards, but these aren't recognised either, so the issue is seemingly with the head unit somewhere.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue at all? I'm really at a loss!

You can check below steps -

Ensure the SIM card is properly seated and the correct size for the holder.
Check for any visible damage or bent pins in the SIM holder.
Check for and install any firmware updates from the manufacturer.
Reset the network settings through the unit’s settings menu.
Perform a factory reset after backing up important data.
Reach out to Joying Auto support for specific advice or firmware patches.

Hope it helps !

Thank you